Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the wireless range?2018-01-17T02:15:44+00:00

Good question.
Its hard to pin in down to a specific number of feet. Many factors play a role. The big manufactures like to put a number of feet, we find it generally highly inaccurate because there are to many factors at play.
We have found the range to be similar to the basic Avital remote starter.
This product will not provide extremely long range. When your plane is landing on the runway you wont be able to warm up your car. However our goal is that in the freezing winter, you should be able to start your car from anywhere in your house. Providing your car is not parked to far away.

For 50 bucks I get a remote starter? Cant be.2018-01-17T02:18:11+00:00

To be clear, this product is NOT the actual remote starter module. This product is an add-on to your remote starter. An essential prerequisite requirement is that you have a remote starter installed. This is only providing you the ability to start from your smart phone.

Is it easy to install? Can I do it myself?2018-01-17T02:21:49+00:00

Depending on your skills, you may be able to install yourself. Our goal is that any DIYer should be able to install without any problem. We will provide clear instructions. However its not just plug and play this does require splicing wires.
If you installed the remote starter yourself, you definitely can install this in a fraction of the amount of time it took you to install the remote starter.

What kind of security is there, that someone cant create have havoc with my ignition?2018-01-17T02:22:28+00:00

Each device has a unique code. The app has a setting for you to enter the code. The code is encrypted in the air.

Is this device compatible with my vehicle?2018-01-17T03:58:55+00:00
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